Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Message

Dear Students,

I wish to welcome you all to the serene and friendly campus of the Nile University of Nigeria for the new academic session. I wish to congratulate the returning students on their success in last session’s examination. I also rejoice with the fresh students on their admission to the University this session.

For the new students, you have entered into a phase where you will be held accountable for some of your actions. Therefore, what you will learn here will equip you with the necessary tools to succeed in life. I assure you that the quality of education delivery at Nile University of Nigeria is of international standard.

I also encourage you, especially the new students, to consult the student handbook to acquaint yourselves with the University’s policies, procedures and regulations, as well as the resources available to you. This handbook is an authoritative source of information necessary for the guidance of all students throughout the duration of their stay in the University. Therefore all students should endeavour to collect the handbook from their various Departments as soon as possible.

It is pertinent for all new students to note that the various activities (both social and academic) engaged in while on campus will earn points that would cumulatively reflect in the final transcript.

To ensure that our students receive not just high quality instruction but also the necessary exposure to thrive in this era of globalization, Nile University of Nigeria is in collaboration with several International Universities in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa to provide study abroad (exchange programmes) and other wonderful opportunities to our students. Students should research the courses available for the exchange programme and discover new internship opportunities to enhance practical exposure and widen their knowledge and experience.

Students should take advantage of the language courses offered at Nile University of Nigeria to develop themselves toward becoming relevant and impactful on the multi-cultural African society and the world at large. These language courses could be taken as minors or part of double majors; the opportunities are endless here.

New students should ensure that they attend the yearly orientation program conducted by the University at the beginning of their academic semester.  This program affords them the opportunity to officially meet their respective Heads of Department (HoDs). It is also at this gathering that they will get acquainted with the University’s general rules and regulations, lecture venues, libraries, etc.

It is important to establish and maintain cordial relationship with your Heads of Department (HoDs). Endeavour to check your various HODs’ office and notice boards from time to time to keep abreast of events in the department.

I wish to inform all fresh students that Nile University of Nigeria offers the opportunity for them to network and make friends with people from various nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and professions. One avenue where these contacts can be established is the University’s social clubs.

Interested students who wish to take advantage of the existence of the various social clubs in the University to develop their hobbies, leadership and inherent skills, and make friends are advised to contact the Student Affairs Division for guidance. It is our expectation that all your energies, time, and resources will always be directed to things that are noble and constructive.

Students should feel free to visit the career planning centres to be informed about prospective job offers. You should also participate in the activities of the Alumni Association to keep in touch with your friends even after their graduation.

To the returning students, time passes swiftly, and your University education will be completed in a short time. Thus, it is imperative that you learn to use all the detailed information acquired from your lecturers, library (research), information technology, and even from this website effectively. Get relevant information about e-learning and distant education programs that can be of use to you in the future.

Keep track of activities in the University and actively participate in them; take notes and ask questions. Try to attend programmes organized by different Departments and Faculties related to your course of study.

I am very delighted to inform you that we have a very competitive School of Postgraduate Studies that offers several PGD, M.Sc./MA, MBA, MPhil, and/or PhD programmes. I hope that you will take advantage of it to further your studies here.

Globalization has reached the point of ‘localisation’ lately, in which local features are considered while trying to think and act globally. In other words, while being global on one hand, do not forget your local values, traditions, cultures, society and language on the other hand. That is why, at Nile University of Nigeria, we also pay attention to your moral, social, ethical and religious development.

Dear students, let me emphasize here that there is no short road to any place worth going because only a serious approach can guarantee a glorious and excellent result. That is, to be successful, the opportunity you have to study at Nile University of Nigeria must be consolidated with adequate preparation.

Once again, I welcome all new and returning students to the 2019/2020 academic year at Nile University of Nigeria and wish you all success in your studies.

Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Aras
Nile University of Nigeria