Procedure for Appeal of Examination Results

  1. Students have right to request a review of their mark.
  2. Students can appeal to the exam results in writing within 7 days (one week) after announcing the course’s approved results. Any objection request will not be accepted, after the specified period, for any reason.
  3. The students should submit their letters of appeal to the HEAD OF Department. In case of appealing for more than one course, the student should submit a separate letter of appeal for each course.
  4. Respective examiner/lecturer is instructed by the Head of Department (HoD) to review the script of the student. The respective examiner/lecturer shall submit a comprehensive report to the Head of Department (HoD) about the outcome of the evaluation. Lecturer forwards to the HoD the result of the reevaluation by means of a formal article.
  5. The student is officially notified about the outcome of the evaluation by the head of Department (HoD).
  6. If the student dissatisfies with the outcome of the evaluation, he/she appeals to the Department for reassessment of the script by a committee within seven (7) days (one week) after the official notification of initial evaluation. The student appealing the grade of examination can appeal once again and he may request the reevaluation of a commission of his examination paper within seven days (one week) after result of the first appeal has been given to him.
  7. The Head of Department (HoD) sets up a review committee with minimum of three (3) members in the same field to evaluate the script of the student. Members of the committee are composed of expertise of the respective discipline, except the lecturer of the related course. The evaluation outcome of the script is ultimate decision of the appeal committee and cannot be objected and changed. Allows reevaluation of examination paper of the student by establishing a commission consists of at least three faculty members except of the teacher of course. The decision o the commission is definitive judgment; it cannot be challenged and changed.
  8. Minimum rank of the members of the review committee should be the same with the rank of the lecturer who taught the related course and examined the students. Chair person’s expertise should be in the same discipline with the respective examiner. In case of lack of experts in the area of the related course, members of the committee can be selected from relevant disciplines, except the chair person of the committee. It is the responsibility that commission members have to be same or above as academic title and they are also determined from same scientific field with lecturer of course. If there are no more lecturers in this scientific field at the university, members of commission can be determined from similar fields except of the chairman of commission.