Library Rules

Nile University of Nigeria rules and regulations are meant to ensure orderliness, good conduct and proper handling of reading materials while in the library and even beyond. Therefore, the following are not allowed:

  • Entering the Library without the Student or Staff ID Card.
  • Answering phone calls in the Library
  • Entering the Library with bags, briefcases, umbrellas etc.
  • Noise making/chatting.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Congregating in and around the reading areas.
  • Marking/ tracing or any damage/ loss/ theft/ mutilation of materials.
  • Use of matches, fire, naked light or any inflammable item, razor blade, scissors, knife, etc in the Library.
  • Re-chargeable lanterns, flash cameras, musical instruments, or any electrical appliances in the Library. Such items shall be confiscated followed by necessary disciplinary action.
  • Re-shelving or hiding of Library materials by users.
  • Reservation of seat(s) either for oneself or for others.
  • Tempering with any electrical item/ equipment installed in the Library.